Unleash your potential for a strong and sustainable future

Develop ideas that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and create a scalable and sustainable venture.
You’ll gain access to a world-class network of experts and mentors to set you up for impact.

To address existing and upcoming global challenges

We believe that each of us is born with great potential that, when unleashed, has a big impact on us as people and on our society. 
Due to non-existing infrastructure, lack of access to education, missing tools and unavailable basic needs, a large part of humanity is not able to unleash their potential.

We want to facilitate change within communities in developing countries, because we believe that to address existing global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, or wars, we must harness the full resources of humanity by unleashing the potential of each individual.

Identify Local Problems

Action bias can lead us to assume that it’s better to do anything rather than nothing. In our School of Impact Academy, you will learn how to rigorously identify real local problems. Rigorous problem-identification pivots our focus to the root causes rather than just the presenting symptoms so that we can avoid band-aid solutions.

Build a Scalable Business

Building a strong team is the foundation for success, as the employees are the backbone of a business. We will help you find exceptional co-founders, build up new business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, and worldviews that enable you to design, develop, and launch your own business. 

Join our Global Network

Our global community of founders, mentors, investors, experts, and partner organizations is already making a difference in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology, and will help you do the same – whether it’s helping you get to market or expand efficiently into a new region.

Gain Access to Experienced Mentors

Our Mission

We want to to enable young people in all regional economic communities of Africa
to create scalable and sustainable ventures.

Learn how we do it through our programs and become tomorrow’s change maker.

With the right skills, tools and network at hand, we can change our future — and that of our world.

Meet tomorrow’s change maker, join our global community, and gain access to the tools and network needed to build solutions for your local challenges.

Discover Our Programs

For tomorrow's change maker

School of Impact Academy

The School of Impact Academy is our launchpad program. We create for a select number of young people each quarter the opportunity to focus entirely on developing a sustainable venture within 12 months. The program is divided into a 3-month education block, and a 9-month development block.

Edu Bite

Our Edu bite program includes Fireside chats and Keynote speeches from top executivesNetworking events, Workshops and open innovation challenges. Anyone who wants to become tomorrow’s changemaker can participate (restrictions may apply based on space availability).

Company or an executive?

Check out our offers for institutes, companies and executives.
Only by working together with you, we are able to provide tomorrow’s changemakerswith a unique experience.

Learn how you can access emerging markets while increasing your corporate social responsibility.

Open Challenges

Solve for Tomorrow

Urban Environmental Protection

How do you envision your future? What role will technology play to build a better and more sustainable future? Collaborate with Samsung to make your ideas about the future society real! We support you in bringing your idea that benefits our society and our environment to life.


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Digital Healthcare Concierge as a Service

The healthcare system is very complex with numerous different actors, needs and interests. On one side there is a lack of holistic approaches to bundle everything. One the other side there is a lack of individual solutions for special needs of patients a/o stakeholders. Insurance companies have the most demanding task here: coordinate, connect, and deliver everything. Digital technologies offer great opportunities to meet all these Challenges. IKK Classic is looking for all-embracing, holistic, OR special individual solutions.


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Develop Customer Driven Products

For every entrepreneur, it is crucial to address a clear market need with their product. This challenge is about finding the problem-solution fit for your business idea. Upon completion, you will have created your own personal toolbox of knowledge and techniques for approaching and solving real-world problems that product leaders face


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Pitch Your Growth Story

Storytelling is a powerful approach to leadership, innovation, and design thinking. Through the power of stories, you can create a personal brand and help your organization or venture reach success. Learn the craft of storytelling and develop your communication skills as you create a powerful story worth hearing.


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